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If you did not make it to Steamathon, then I’m sorry to say that you missed a good one. Steamathon was a convention with real heart that persevered despite two major roadblocks. (I’m not privy to the details, but I am convinced that they were both circumstances beyond the committee’s control and not likely to reoccur.) Yes, Steamathon had all kinds of scheduling problems to the point that much of the programming devolved to ad lib, but I’m still calling it the best first con I’ve ever been to in my almost 40 years of congoing because of the attitudes of everyone involved: staff, talent, and guests. (The head of security at the Main Street Station Casino also went on record to say that this was the friendliest, most well dressed, most well behaved group of people they’ve ever hosted.) I personally made 15 friends before the opening ceremonies even began and 30 more by the time it was all over.
So, “Hip, hip, cheerio!” to Doc Phineas Kastle, Alexander de Lion, Taylor Hummon, Wolfe and the rest of the Queen’s Temporal Service for putting on a most unusual convention that was a treat to attend. I am most definitely looking forwards to a number two.
  • The party started early on Thursday night when a dozen of us from San Diego and Orange County headed over to the extremely steampunk Rx Boiler Room in the Mandalay Bay Casino. The absolutely wonderful food, combined with the sublime decor was well worth the price. Note: The Rx Boiler Room is on the second floor across from the Ice Bar and is not to be confused with the “1936” Speakeasy, one flight down (although that looks like fun, as well). Read the rest of this entry »
Should you find yourself in need of an excuse to party, look no further…


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Steamathon Las Vegas February 2015

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I can hardly wait for Steamathon, which is coming up in Las Vegas in February 2015. It’ll be held at the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, which is the perfect venue for a steampunk convention. The whole establishment has the ambiance of the finest San Francisco hotel straight out of the gilded age. I had the occasion to be in Vegas last week. While I was there, I met briefly with Doc Phineas and the rest of his staff, and I was duly impressed with what they have planned and the support they’ve received so far. This being their first time out, things are still rough around the edges, but I have no doubt that it’ll all come together in time. (And, what the heck? It’s Vegas. You’re guaranteed a good time no matter what happens.)