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Steamathon Las Vegas February 2015

   Posted by: craig    in Events

I can hardly wait for Steamathon, which is coming up in Las Vegas in February 2015. It’ll be held at the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, which is the perfect venue for a steampunk convention. The whole establishment has the ambiance of the finest San Francisco hotel straight out of the gilded age. I had the occasion to be in Vegas last week. While I was there, I met briefly with Doc Phineas and the rest of his staff, and I was duly impressed with what they have planned and the support they’ve received so far. This being their first time out, things are still rough around the edges, but I have no doubt that it’ll all come together in time. (And, what the heck? It’s Vegas. You’re guaranteed a good time no matter what happens.)

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